The Cold War came to an abrupt and unexpected end in the autumn bringing with it profound social

economic and political changes across Europe and the

The author discusses the impact the Cold War had on European Integration and.

in particular
on the American efforts in support of that initiative He

European integration contributed to an image of a stable and economically prosperous Western Europe that was a magnet fo

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1947 this post.

Daniel Stinsky writes about

An important part of western Europe s post Second World War success story was its rapid integration into the world econo

The EU has been a major contributor to the open trade system.

achieving high levels of economic integration with the rest of the world. Trade flows between the .

After the Berlin Wall Europe’s Struggle to Overcome Its Divisions. Europe has seen deeper integration in the three plus decades since the end of the Cold War.


The rise of America to world pre eminence following World War II served as a catalyst for European integration and the electrifying impact and magnetic attraction .

The Cold War led to the fall of the Soviet Union as a superpower. This was a result of the economic devastation caused by the war.

the Americans’ subjugating profits from its imperialist exploitation.

and the lack of verified information in the course of the war The USA owing to its capitalism policy.

managed to influence the world and thus

The strain on globalisation comes on top of the effects of the financial crisis 09.


President Donald Trump and the pandemic. For years measures of global integration have gone .

What is Cold War

The Cold War was a period 1945 1991 of geopolitical tension between the Soviet Union and its satellite states the Easte

and the United States with its allies the Western European countries after World War II. Post World War II.

the world got divided into two power blocs dominated by two

An important part of western Europe s post Second World War success story was its rapid integration into the world econo

and the war had reduced foreign trade to the levels recorded just before the First World War

European political integration took its first hesitant steps. In reaction to West Germany’s NATO accession.

the Soviet Union and its Eastern European client states formed the Warsaw Pact. Europe settled into an uneasy stand off.

symbolised by the construction of the Berlin Wall Gone was the Cold War doctrine of nuclear

It flourished briefly in the inter war years was reborn during the Vietnam War and found many adherents in Europe e.g. the campaign for nuclear disarmament CND. Although less formally organised than during s.

the anti war movement in Europe showed its strength in the mass demonstrations against the US led invasion of Iraq

In the modern day the European Union is a world leader in terms of supra national governance and integration Kegley Jr


with its single market and multilateral currency and with a growing sense of the prospects of the entire group being intertwined. It is a model for other inter governmental organisations in the East and South .

Marshall Plan.

formally European Recovery Program 1948 51.

U S sponsored program advocated by Secretary of State George C Marshall to rehabilitate the economies western and sou

The conference opened with a keynote speech by Professor Federico Fabbrini DCU Dublin and Princeton where he emphasized

as the EU is making important steps in the field of its external relations and defence.

immigration management and energy security He

The human cost of the First World War was horrendous. More million people.

both military and civilian.

died in the war. An entire generation of young men was wiped away..

the year after the war was over in France

there women for every man between the ages


Sources. The Marshall Plan.

also known as the European Recovery Program. was a U.S. program providing aid to Western Europe following the devastation of World War II. It was enacted and .

The Cold War gave rise to an arms race.

which intensified after the Soviet Union exploded its first nuclear device and both countries sought to develop thermon
nuclear arsenals and their delivery systems.

which had the potential to decapitate both leaderships in a

6 Rise of China During the cold war
the United States and its allies concentrated most of their efforts and resources on trying to weaken and break their m

the Soviet Union. This enabled mainland China to silently implement its communist agenda which spurred rapid economic and military growth..

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a protracted ideological and geopolitical confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union
profoundly shaped the second half of th century This essay delves into the causes that ignited the conflict

explores its far reaching impact on global affairs
and examines the enduring legacy it

This article discusses the extent to which it is possible to label European integration as a new critical juncture of politics in Central Europe by using four Central European countries of Czech Republic.


Poland and Slovakia as the focus of our investigation. The article presents the historical critical junctures of Central European .

Poland’s Solidarity as a Contested Symbol of the Cold War Transatlantic Debates after the Polish Crisis By Robert Brier Edited by Kiran Klaus Patel.

Universiteit Maastricht.


Kenneth Weisbrode
Bilkent University.

Ankara Book European Integration and the Atlantic Community in s Online publication

The world is facing a Zeitenwende an epochal tectonic shift Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has put an en
including an economically strong and politically assertive China. In this new multipolar world. different countries and models of government are competing for power

The Cold War was a conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union beginning just after World War II. As the Second World War came to an end.

the United States and the Soviet Union were

The cold war was largely between USA and USSR but it influence individual nations in Europe in a big way. This war is largely the reason why the USA was deeply concerned about affairs in Europe. In response.

it pursued policies and plans that to some extend helped towards recovery of Europe The cold war can also directly be

From the Cold War into s

Crypto AG sold the devices to more governments worldwide. The machines were encrypted but it emerged this week that the CIA and Germany s BND had rigged .

All out nuclear war had been averted The cause of freedom
which Americans felt certain they themselves embodied.

had prevailed. Victory was decisive.

sweeping and unequivocal. In another sense .

During the height of the Cold War.

the world was divided into the major military blocs created by the warring superpowers they are as follows 2 South Ea

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